Dr. Lara Fielding
Dr. Lara Fielding is a Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY24351), specializing in the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Her approach is research based, and aimed at optimizing clients’ stress resilience and effective coping. She also provides supervision and professional trainings for clinicians and graduate students in the application of Mindfulness-based treatments.

Dr. Lara Fielding has exhaustively studied the Mindfulness-Based CBT treatments (DBT, ACT, MBSR, MBCT) and their application for problems with Emotion Dysregulation. From this study, she derived a set of therapist guidelines for evidence-based practice. Dr. Fielding’s work is further informed by her research experience at UCLA and Harvard. Her research there explored the relationship between health behavior and the psycho-physiological effects of stress on cognition and emotion. She is intensively trained in ACT and DBT and was previously a Supervisor Psychologist at the UCLA Department of Psychology Clinic for students training in these treatments. Dr. Fielding is trained and experienced working with groups and individuals suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences, anxiety, and mood disorders.  She has taught hundreds of clients concrete skills to better manage difficult emotions in the face of stressful life situations. With these cognitive and emotional skills in place, clients are guided towards personal values consistent behavioral change, in order to achieve their life goals.

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