Mindful-Mastery Live Cast

Finding yourself faced with high stakes decisions, which may have frightening consequences?? Many of us are experiencing this kind of moral distress during these scary times. In this live cast, I was thrilled to have the woman I call, the ‘therapy whisperer’ Dr. Robyn Walser, to chat about the Moral distress and possible Injury many of us are facing. We explored what moral injury is, and how we can walk through these challenging times, while maintaining our values.

Infertility treatments are psychologically stressful in the best of times. But with treatment delays due to the pandemic, the psychological burden may feel even heavier. In this live chat with Dr. Tonya Wood, Ph.D., she shares resources and tips for coping as effectively as possible and finding meaning in your values, on your journey to having a family.

We’re all making our way through the pandemic in different ways. Dr. Gustafson and I chatted about some of the themes coming up with her clients, and a couple of tools for maintaining psychological flexibility during these stressful and uncertain times.

Need a Busy Mind Reboot? Need some tips to quiet your busy mind? I’m excited to be chatting with Dr. Jessica Borushok, Ph.D., C.Psych. Dr. Jessica is the founder of Busy Mind Reboot an evidence based self learning online tool, to help you access affordable methods of learning practices, tools, and skills to get unstuck from your busy mind and live your best self! 

In today’s chat I got some excellent tips for getting the best from your kids during Covid Quarantine. From tips for changing behavior, to keeping them engaged and motivated, we cover a lot! Wanna be kept in the loop about live chats and more? Sign up for the SKILL WEEKLY at www.mindful-mastery.com!

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