Half Smile: A Breath Mint for the Mood

When you need a little something, to help you get through a difficult moment, without making it worse…. You need a breath mint for the mood. Half Smile takes advantage of the bidirectional messages between your body and your mind, to relieve just enough of those difficult emotions like sadness, anger, or anxiety. Let’s Practice!


  1. Vicki

    I’ve almost red book 📖 Now I’m working on my patterns for dashboard. I noticed I feel anxiety in mornings. And that’s why I do wrong actions later… How can I change my pattern? To be more detailed, I wake up by the alarm clock, I’m lying in bed, then a thought accidentally flies to me, which causes me anxiety, it concerns either upcoming tasks or the day I’ve lived. Then I take my phone (it kind of calms me down…), and then my anxiety turns into irritation. The first half of the day I go annoyed.

    • Dr. Lara

      Hi dear Vicki, Ooh, I’m glad you asked about this one. Anxiety first thing in the morning can indicate a biological basis. How is your diet? How is your digestion? Are you using your skillful M.E.A.N.S. from chapter 10? Turning to your phone to distract away the discomfort is all too common an emotional habit pattern these days. I recommend you focus in identifying where in your body the anxiety is present. Get as detailed as you can in describing the physical sensations. Are they sharp/dull? How strong 0-10. What part of the body? Next practice ‘Bring it on!” Invite in the discomfort with all your willingness. Rate how strong again. The key with all of these practices is to stay with the discomfort as long as you can. Until you get a little bored with it. Over time, the discomfort will not send you so automatically into the emotional habit of avoidance. You will be able to say, “Ah, I see you there. C’mon we’ve got stuff to do!” I’m just getting to a few of your questions today. I’m so sorry for the delay. I’d love to hear how you have been progressing! Warmly, Lara

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