Leaning Into Discomfort with Acceptance

The skill of acceptance is NOT intuitive. That’s because acceptance is asking us to do exactly the opposite of what our minds and bodies are programmed to do, when stressed or distressed! This practice will help you start using Willingness skills to lean into your discomfort and then practice letting go: leaning in and letting go. Are you willing?


  1. Tanja Milčić

    Hello dr. Fielding,

    I’ve been having problems with actually feeling emotions, it seems that I have been supressing them for some time and now all I am left with is a constant (sometimes stronger, sometimes milder) sense of anxiety, and nothing else.
    How can I open myself fully to the emotions and actually experience them?

    BTW, excellent work, since I started reading and listening to you, you’ve offered some interesting insights. 🙂

    Thank you for your answer,

    • Lara Fielding

      Hi Tanya! Thank you for commenting (so sorry for the delayed response!) This is such a great question. Sounds like you have been over regulating. I recommend you add skill 1: (Chapter 3) Taking Emotional Role Call to your regular practice. Your goal is to start opening up a place where you can safely feel your feelings, without engaging in the impulse to distract or minimize. In Chapter 8 you’ll lean about other to induce emotions, such as listening to music or watching movies that bring up a particular emotion. It may take some time. But keep at it. The more you practice inducing the emotion, while lovingly attending to how it feels, the thoughts that come up, and the bodily sensation – the more integrated your emotions will become. And I’d love to hear back how it goes! So proud of you for taking on this challenging work! Warmly, Lara


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