Making Nice Nice with Your Emotions

Our emotions hold important messages about what we want and care deeply about. This practice will teach you how to more skillfully listen to the messages of your emotions, without letting them hijack your vehicle.


  1. Anon

    Wow! Awesome..thank you..unexpected results.

    • Lara Fielding

      Hi Anon, WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for sharing. And I hope you will send any other experiences or questions.

  2. Nil

    Thanks for this practice. I could not keep going deep, burst into tears while trying to do that.. But I think I have to keep practising to connect with the feeling of my childhood.

    • Lara Fielding

      Dearest Nil, I know this practice can be challenging at first. Tears are okay too. I hope you will stick with it and keep trying. Soon you will find that the difficult thoughts and feelings become less triggering. You can befriend little you, and before you know it, you will be Mastering Adulthood together. I look forward to hearing how your progress! Warmly, Lara

  3. Vicki

    Thank you a lot for this book and practice!.. I really liked this practice with little me in 3 chapter. But this time I faced with something new: I felt irrigation and anger towards me 10 years old. Well, I couldn’t talk long with me but when I came back on driver place, I felt less anger and I saw little me happier and calmer… Amazing!


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