Listening to Thoughts for a Secret

This skill will help you quiet your mind. Our minds are problem solving machines! So, it takes some skill to override the autopilot and slow them down. This skill can help you be more effective with the most difficult of distressing thoughts. Let’s Practice!


  1. Gulya

    Hello! I am happy to read Your book on Russian. can I get videos on Russian? Thank You!

    • Lara Fielding

      Hello Gulya! I am very excited to hear that you are reading my book in Russian. Is your name short for Galena? That was actually my mothers name, who was also Russian. Unfortunately, right now we do not have the videos in Russian. But it is a good idea to look into making a translation, or voiceover. Please do reach out anytime you have any questions as you read through the book. I’m sorry I cannot be of more help with the language part right now. Warmly, Lara

  2. Valeria

    This is the Greatest practice! Thank you a lot! As soon as I were ready to listen to my thoughts,they just gone… My thoughts needed my attention 😂 What’s better I can manage my thoughts now! Love your book ❤️
    Thanks and regards, Valeria

    • Dr. Lara

      Valeria! Fantastic news. I’m so glad this practice worked well for you! Thank you for commenting and I hope you are continuing your practice! Warmly, Lara

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