Dear Hearts:

To and from You – we are grateful.

It is You that give us the gratitude we feel . . .
For the pull of love’s calling
For the giddy enthusiasm of a new crush
For the awe of our true loves beauty

It is You that inspires us
To pursue more of these experiences.
To hold them close and dearly
To protect the one You pull us towards

It is Your hunger, which drives
The insatiable thoughts of desire
The images of yesterdays encounter, and
The fantasy of the next, which…

Brings a smile to our lips, a shudder of current in our bodies.

It is You that fuses all of the emotions, thoughts and impulses – to create the delicious virtual reality of LOVE. 


Love’s Compel

Don’t you just love that feeling of love!? The pull, the tingle, the open sense of authentic expression towards and with another person! If you have known it, you know what I mean.

And if you have been brave with these feelings, you have also known, what I call “The Forrest Gump Moment”:



That moment where your mind forgets everything else as your heart compels you towards the object of your affection!

Before you know it, you’re soaking wet (pun intended?) and there’s no one steering the ship!


Following your Heart

I know, I know, throwing caution to the wind… throwing our whole self into it … being fully authentic in our love’s pursuits is so AWESOME! . .

Whether it is your lover or your child, when we love deeply, the natural action impulse is to go all-in on caring for, comforting, and protecting our loved one from any discomfort we can.

I totally get it! No one loves being in love, and doting, pleasing, expressing more than me! It just feels so right to act on the emotions. . .

Until your ship crashes and no one is there to help you pick up the pieces of you that were sacrificed for your heart.

While the scene in Forrest Gump is endearing for his child-like spontaneity, a few too many Forrest Gump moments in our love life can leave our hearts less open to the joy of the jump.


Preserving the Heart that Loves

Every week I hear the words I said to my mother when I was young spill from the narrative of a young person I am working with; “But I hate being fake! I’m not playing those stupid games. I want someone to love me exactly as I am!”

In these moments, I hear my mother’s (ineffective) responses run through my head, and instead I say this:

“I too have been hijacked by my heart, believing the emotions, thoughts, and impulses, which feel so true that nothing but good could possibly follow.”


“What I have learned is this:
Sometimes, not acting on our heart’s desire is what our loved one needs:
To have the space,
To absorb, to consider, to reflect, and
To long for us in return.”

Authentic love is a long game, so. . .


The Practice:

Be mindful of your heart’s messages:
Hear its calling, feel its pushing, and honor these experiences of the beauty of the human heart.


Be willing sometimes, in the service of the heart that serves you so well, to not act on your emotions of love.

PAUSE – and give the object of your love the space to discover you, to take their own Forrest Gump moment.

Being Skillful in Love: Holding Both-ness in Awareness

Being skillful is not ‘fake’ or ‘manipulative’. It is honoring the needs of both, as love cannot continue to thrive in the vacuum of the impulses of just one.

This Valentine’s Day, if you are lucky enough to be pulled into your heart’s desire – feel its beat – hear its message – notice its compel

AND still, Wisely

Tether your vessel to an anchor of mindful awareness,
Assess the distance to the dock of your loved one, and
Take note if they are able or willing to jump in with you.


Go for the joy of the jump – the heart’s compel – and the open spans of authentic expression: now and for the long run.

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