Your Body-Mind Vehicle: Connecting Mind-Heart-Feet

A good way to think about your journey through life is to think of yourself as a vehicle. There are lots of different kinds of vehicles of coarse. Some can go really fast, but they are not very good at going off road, taking the bumps, or hauling heavy loads. Others are great for heavy lifting, but have more difficulty picking up speed or taking sharp corners well. Some are unique and interesting (like a vintage car), but  can have difficulty with day-to-day routine driving needs. Every vehicle is predisposed, (has tendencies) to behaving or reacting to certain kinds of roads (situations) in a certain way. Similarly, each of us has strengths and vulnerabilities, depending on the road.

Our mind-body systems are just like a vehicle, they all have the same basic components (steering wheel, tires, engine), but there are a vast variety of different makes, models, and colors. Like any vehicle, the systems are inter-related, if one part of the mechanical processes goes wrong, it affects the functioning of the whole vehicle.The key is to know your vehicle, its needs, and in what situations it thrives, and which it has a more difficult time. Just because some cars are more suited for some types of roads than others does not mean one is better than the other. The key is to love your vehicle, with all of it’s strengths and weaknesses.

PAUSE: What type of vehicle are you? Are you durable, or delicate? An older or newer model? Similar to others on the road, or different? A bright attention getting color, or more subtle? Take a moment to note the first thing that comes to mind. What model, make, color, year are you? How strong is the engine?

Develop a firm, and objective, awareness of the vehicle you are in. Remember that each has unique qualities depending on the situation. This will help you to develop compassion for yourself and others on the road of life.

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